Photo by James Whelan

Photo by James Whelan

Hailing from Chicago, Bowmanville strives to bring the hip sensibilities of Hot Club Jazz from 1930s Paris mingled with the influences born of Chicago’s global crossroads to a wider audience. Led by violinist Ethan Adelsman, with Graham Nelson on harmonica/vocals, Noah Plotkin on drums, Oliver Horton on bass, and Mason Jiller on guitar, the group draws inspiration from diverse musical backgrounds to push the boundaries of their craft, thrilling audiences nationally. Creating a simmering synergy of vibrant bouncing sound that crackles with electric energy, Bowmanville leaves listeners always hungry for more.

Ethan Adelsman:


Ethan was born with a violin in hand… well nearly. His love of the instrument transcends his Classical training, making him adept and equally at home in nearly any genre.  He has logged his time on the road playing searing violin pop solos with Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, as Associate Concert Master for the Western Piedmont Symphony in North Carolina, and with songwriter Tim Lowly. At home in his native Chicago, Ethan is a continually requested gigging and session musician in the Gypsy, Bluegrass, Latin Jazz, Rock, and Classical genres.  A composer and performer, his love of Hot Club jazz and eclectic music has given birth to the powerhouse combo Bowmanville.

Mason Jiller:


He can fly, really!! His fingers have been known to detach and play by themselves. In reality he is the earl of rhythm and the ace of the six strings. Mason is equally at home thrilling live audiences in the numerous groups with which he lends his talent,  as he is in crafting songs that cut to the heart. As an educator he instills in his students a love of music that he himself brings to each and every performance.

Graham Nelson:


Graham Nelson is a Chicago performer, storyteller, and avant-garde jazz musician. He has been performing on stages in the US and abroad for the past 20 years, and lending the elegant, edgy, and unique sounds of his diatonic harmonica to a host of performances and recordings. With a flair for the eclectic, Graham has worked on theatrical productions and with arts collaboratives at notable venues, festivals, and concert halls. 

Noah Plotkin:


Noah Plotkin is a professionally trained Performance Drummer and World Percussion musician who is a 2007 graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has collaborated as a percussionist/drummer with a number of notable institutions in the United States and abroad including The Martha Graham Dance Conservatory, Sala Crisantempo School of Dance in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil, The Amsterdam Theatre School of Dance.  Noah is currently a private drum teacher, music educator and valued member of many exciting Chicago area bands including Railheart, Imperial Boxmen, 40,000 Headman, & the Gold Coast All Stars.

Oliver Horton:


After graduating from Knox College in 2012 where he studied bass/voice performance and creative writing, Oliver Horton moved to Chicago to pursue a career as a musician. Oliver is thrilled to play bass with his good friends in Bowmanville. He also plays with Gone ValleyNineWorlds EnsembleEuphoria, and Bowtime and sings in common pulse

 In addition to performing in Chicago-based ensembles, Oliver teaches private lessons. He offers upright bass, electric bass, guitar, voice, piano, and beginning drum instruction. Oliver collaborates with his wife, Lydia, to offer combined studio recitals, where their students perform solos, duets, and trios.

 A writer, Oliver produces monthly originals for his solo project, ohm, which is supported by Patreon. Oliver also writes for ohm trio, an ensemble in collaboration with Sam Genualdi (guitar) and Graham Nelson (harmonica, vocals).